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Accordance for iOS is out NOW

In yesterday’s post I commented that it was coming soon, well by evening it was released and available in the App store. Accordance for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is now available for FREE. I only saw it at 11:30 pm so I have had little time to play with it but I have very good first impressions. Best of all, if you log in with your account you can use their “Easy Install” feature to […]

Apps for your new iPad (or iOS device)

UPDATE: In case you are coming directly to this link be sure to also see my post on Sente bibliographic software for Mac and iPad and further updates on using the iPad for research. If you are like several of my friends you may have just gotten an iPad or other iOS device for Christmas. One of the failings of Apple’s app store is that it can be very difficult to find good apps, there […]

Call for Papers – Qumran Sessions this Summer

I received this from Eibert Tigchelaar. A lot of great sessions and conferences in exciting places. Too bad I will be at home trying to get a book in hand. The post is long so be sure to click through. Information on Qumran sessions at the SBL London (and EABS Thessaloniki) Summer 2011  — sent to the IOQS mailing list SBL 2011 INTERNATIONAL MEETING London, United Kingdom Meeting Begins: 7/4/2011 Meeting Ends: 7/8/2011 Call For Papers Opens: 10/1/2010 […]

This is the Christmas season

We often forget that the past weeks have not been the Christmas season, rather the liturgical season begins with Christmas. I have some friends who follow the tradition of not putting up their Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. My kids would never go for that but we do follow Advent with Christmas and Epiphany. As someone who did not grow up in a church that followed the traditional seasons and lectionary doing so as an […]

7th Annual Ralphies

While like Ed I have been reflecting upon the slowdown of my blog posting (and really wondering if I should really be considered a “biblioblogger” anymore or not), I should at least pop back online to point you to his annual “best of” list, the Ralphies. My oldest surviving post (but not the oldest) is my own “Ralphie” back when it was only 2 years old. But rather than muddle through my thoughts, you should […]

How much for that projector?!

So there has been a LOT of discussion about how much the fact that SBL charged for projectors at the conference, some of it very humorous. In another post I commented that we really are focusing our blame on the wrong folks regarding the cost of the projectors. It is the hotel and convention venues who set those rates which are often extremely high because of union contracts. Not everyone believed me and I did […]

SBL Official Response re Student Presenters

I have looked for this on the official SBL site but I cannot find it posted there (I didn’t look all that hard). The letter was sent to me by my research assistant and given the discussion following my earlier post I thought I should share it here. I doubt that John would mind. Dear Student Member: The particular opportunities and challenges facing student members deserve focused attention. The Society of Biblical Literature is committed […]