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Firefox Plugin for Bibliobloggers

JP has posted a search plugin for FF 3.0 that will allow one to search all the biblioblogs on this list . It is a wonderful tool and I am very grateful for it! (As an aside, if you are on Mac using NetNewsWire as a reader, which is now free, you can simply search all feeds from there. BUT you can only search what is still cached. This plugin allows you to search the […]

How should SBL handle blogging?

I was going to title this post “how to blog a conference,” but then I realized that what Tyler Williams is asking, on behalf of Leonard Greenspoon and SBL, is really more a question of how the host institution should handle blogging. I will comment on why I value bloggers live-blogging and using daily recaps, but first let me suggest how I think SBL should handle the blogging of their conference. In House – Storehouse […]

I am so disturbed by this.

That Jim West would pay $200 for a photo of me and that Jim West would only pay $200 for a photo of me. (Apparently my beard leads to lower value than others.) He clearly has a predilection for Jesus scholars as Crossley and Goodacre each go for $1k. I suppose this is about like a lightening strike close by. At the first you are just petrified with fear and then, when you realize that […]


I have been tagged by Doug Chaplin of MetaCatholic with a meme of three. Three rules, tag three people. If this were by post it would be illegal, but here goes anyone (because I am flattered to be tagged, that’s how needy I am). Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging. Rule 2) List these rules. Rule 3) Tag three others with the thread. Working out of order, I have already complied with Rule […]

Biblicapodcast #3 – Chris Tilling

Today I interviewed Chris Tilling of Chrisendom via Skype. He is surely known to everyone who reads this blog (especially since his blog gets 10 times the traffic of mine, thus the reason for my interviewing him, trying to buy some friends! 😉 Add me to your blogroll, please? And doesn’t that sound just a little too much like bogroll?). He is a doctoral student working on Pauline divine Christology – looking at the question […]

The latest Biblical Studies Blog Carnival is up!

Kevin has done a tremendous job wit the 27th carnival. It is a veritable midway of musings. One particular thread that I had not noticed this month was regarding translations (see below) but for the whole experience head over to Biblical Studies Blog Carnival XXVII To the right as we move down the midway is the translation booth. Zondervan posted an article by Karen H. Jobes entitled “Bible Translation as Bilingual Quotation”. They issued an […]

Call for Submissions: Biblical Studies Blog Carnival XXVII

A reminder from Kevin of Be sure to go to his site for all the details and to submit your own. Call for Submissions: Biblical Studies Blog Carnival XXVII It is almost time for another Biblical Studies Blog Carnival. The next blog carnival will be hosted here on Blue Cord. We are approaching the end of the month, so that means it is time to start submitting your favorite blog posts from February to […]