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“New Atheism Redux” Evolution & Religion…again

Frankly, these debates exhaust me and I have little use or time for wading through the morass of words generated by all combatants. This was a very nice article, however, from Michael Ruse on the Chronicle of Higher Education, an atheist against the New Atheists. A snippet: Most of all I detest the New Atheism because I think it is playing into the hands of the Religious Right. The way fundamentalism—scientific creationism, creation science, intelligent-design […]

Science & Religion in Dialogue

There is some promise. See the story in today’s Inside Higher Ed. Scientists Get Religion June 17, 2010 WASHINGTON – Jennifer Wiseman is an astrophysicist and a Christian. Both of those elements will come into play in her new role with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, where she aims to civilize the sometimes-divisive discourse between the broader scientific and religious communities. It is encouraging to see that such dialogue is continuing to […]

Non-overlapping magisteria

It is a reference to Stephen Jay Gould’s excellent article (which you should read if you haven’t, for no other reason than that Dawkins hates it) but it was this cartoon1 that brought it to mind. That and I happened to have a meeting this morning on a lecture series that is supposed to be concerning Science and Religion. (The lectures have ended upon being about how science can explain religion and religious “things” like […]

Happy Birthday Space Station!

This is the last project my father worked on in his career with NASA. This year is the 10th birthday of the station, although it continues to grow and be rebuilt. CNET has some great photos. The space station as it looked in August 2005. For most of its habitable history (about eight years), the ISS has had room for just three crew members. But in just the last few weeks, that capacity has doubled […]

Aquanauts Go! (It’s Marine Boy, brave and free!)

This story is just too cool not to link. Penn State faculty are collaborators on this project and they will be spending 8 days underwater at aquarius, the world’s only underwater research station. This is SO cool! When I was a kid I used to love Marine Boy. I was a swimmer (up until college when I realized that I was getting a little tired of seeing the same *&($ black line on the bottom […]

Francis Collins stepping down

Francis Collins is not only (or was) the head of the Human Genome Institute, he is also a convert to Christianity. He wrote The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief (which leads me to make two observations [1] we know it is scholarly because there is a colon in the title and [2] we know from the title that Dr. Jim West will not like it since if you need evidence it […]

Winner! Most misleading post title (or The Virgin STD)

Loony Fundamentalist points us to an article on the important study that shows that 26% of American teenage girls have at least one STD. But was it for humor or a simple error that led to this nonsensical post title: Scientific Researchers: Abstinence causes the spread of STDs Abstinence-only sex education programs may lead to increased cases of STDs, as pointed out in the article, but abstinence itself, while it may lead to lots of […]

Scientific study into religious belief launched – University of Oxford

I posted a twitter to this link while I was out of town. Here is the direct OU link: Scientific study into religious belief launched – University of Oxford This study will not prove or disprove any aspect of religion, it will allow us to have a more intelligent and informed debate. -Professor Roger Trigg Is that really what we want? Isn’t name calling and dilettantism more fun?  

Stephen Fry And Christopher Hitchens Debating Blasphemy

UPDATE: I am only about 30 minutes into it and Christopher Hitchens is doing his typical, I can tolk over anyone I like and use as much profanity as I like because I am a wit. He is not. Stephen Fry is, but he is too often a mere chuckle in the microphone.SO far, both espouse a love for things religious but not for religion. CH calls himself an “antitheist” and SF was once enamored […]