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Francis Collins stepping down

Francis Collins is not only (or was) the head of the Human Genome Institute, he is also a convert to Christianity. He wrote The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief (which leads me to make two observations [1] we know it is scholarly because there is a colon in the title and [2] we know from the title that Dr. Jim West will not like it since if you need evidence it […]

Eating Curds and Honey or He knew what when?

My brother has an interesting post about when we develop our ability to “think for ourselves.” It was a viewing of the “Jesus Camp” documentary that spurred his thoughts. When we consider that Richard Dawkins, among others, are now saying that it is (almost?) a crime that parents are allowed to rear their children in their religion and that children ought not to be taught religion until they are old enough to reject it for […]

Genetics and Health » Geneticist Francis Collins on NPR Fresh Air

Reactions to the Fresh Air interview with Geneticist Francis Collins that I mentioned here. Genetics and Health » Geneticist Francis Collins on NPR Fresh Air Geneticist Francis Collins on NPR Fresh Air By Hsien Hsien Lei, PhD | Related entries in General Genetics and Health, Genetics Interviews Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, was on NPR’s Fresh Air today and PZ Myers wasn’t impressed with the strong religious message. He […]

Ruth Gledhill – Times Online – WBLG: ‘We’d be better off without religion’

I do not yet have time to blog in this with my own comments, but be sure to read RG’s post about this debate. Interesting and, as always, very humorous. Back after many morning meetings… Ruth Gledhill – Times Online – WBLG: ‘We’d be better off without religion’ March 28, 2007 ‘We’d be better off without religion’ Richard Dawkins was among the speakers at the debate sponsored by The Times and organised by Intelligence Squared […]

Religious Ignorance and Rectification

I am sure that many of my readers have already seen or heard of Stephen Prothero’s new book concerning American’s woeful ignorance of religion, Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know—And Doesn’t. One of the more amusing statistics cited was that a significant portion of high school seniors believe that Sodom and Gomorra were husband and wife. Having just gone over Gen. 19 with my students I shared this with them and one quipped, […]

McGrath v Dawkins

HT to Ben Witherington: Alistair McGrath’s Critique of Dawkins “The God Delusion” Alistair McGrath is a remarkable person. He has PhDs in Theology and also in Molecular Bio-Physics. He is currently a Professor of public science at Oxford. In this lecture he is critiquing his fellow Oxfordian Richard Dawkins Here is the link. See what you think. (Via Ben Witherington.) Play in new window | Download (26.6MB)  

Dawkins & The God Hypothesis 6

Scot McKnight of Jesus Creed is reviewing Dawkin’s latest. He provides links to other reviews and sets up some nice snippets. Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion has provided many of us with plenty to talk about and I want to say thanks for the conversation. Some have written to me to point to reviews at other sites, and I’ll begin this post with those links.