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Charles Darnell Brady ✠ 26 March 1937 – 18 April 2019

This past week family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of my father, Charles Darnell Brady, and affirm our faith in the resurrection, the resurrection of Jesus our Savior and the transformation of our own death into life. The audio from the entire service can be found here. Click on these links for the audio (and text) of my brother’s remembrances of our father and my sermon. Below is the text upon which the […]

Remembrance of Charles Darnell Brady

By Dr. Stephan Brady. So I guess I was given some some directions. One is not to make certain people laugh or cry. That would not be of service to my dad who makes us laugh all the time, whether you meant to or not. But I guess my charter is to kind of be the synoptic gospel. And Chris is going to be John, if I got it right, and doggone it, you told […]

Dating all over again

I am discovering what some of you probably already know. Having a pre-teen (and I suspect teenage) daughter is like dating all over again. I worry, will she like me? Will she be my friend on Facebook? Why won’t she return my calls? I of course know that I cannot be too needy, otherwise she will shut me out and think I am a creep, but I need to show enough affection and attention so […]

Get a great desktop or image (and help my nephew go to H2O Polo camp)

My nephew is trying to raise funds to go to water polo camp and my brother (his father) has set up a donation button at his site. You can donate as little or as much as you like. But what I wanted to highlight most of all is his mad image skillz. Most of you who read this blog are also bloggers. Need a new image for your header? Want a themed desktop/wall paper? Matt […]

Getting healthy

So I was at a hotel on a trip and there was a scale in the bathroom. I stepped upon it and was not happy with results. I knew my girth had been gaining but I didn’t realize that I was becoming like a black hole (in density, not consumption). With a bad back and all I having been trying to do my exercises, get fit, and generally look a little less like the middle […]

A day of rest

Today was the first day I had without obligations, but only because I asked a colleague to fill in for me for a 1-4 pm meeting. My in-laws were in town, we had a morning brunch, watched the Spanish Grand Prix, and then I ran a bit of cable in preparation for my birthday present. (Which is not for another 4 months, but you know…I am a bit eager.) Finally, this weekend’s photo theme was […]

You look fabulous!

Today a Flickr group sent out a call, of sorts, for geeks to put up compromising pictures of themselves. Being geeks this has more to do with bad hair and t-shirts than being caught in flagrante. So, for your amusement (please put down your cup or you will cause damage to your computer) I offer a few shots of yours truly in his youth. Now here is the participatory part. Feel free to offer your […]

Testing out WordPress 2.5 posting features

There are a ton of new posting features in WP 2.5. The interface for composing is extremely comprehensive and works just fine in BonEcho (Firefox) for Mac. Some of the new features are around the handling of media, including being able to upload more than one image at once. It works like a treat. Just select a group of photos and it starts uploading! They go straight into another new feature, the “gallery.” You can […]