Testing out WordPress 2.5 posting features

There are a ton of new posting features in WP 2.5. The interface for composing is extremely comprehensive and works just fine in BonEcho (Firefox) for Mac. Some of the new features are around the handling of media, including being able to upload more than one image at once. It works like a treat. Just select a group of photos and it starts uploading! They go straight into another new feature, the “gallery.” You can then load that into a post. I am not sure how it works. So let’s try it out, shall we?

These should all be pictures of the kids using sidewalk paint on Easter Day. Now that is very cool!

Text editing – The keyboard shortcuts such as bold and italics, etc. (ctrl b and i respectively) work just fine and there is even a full screen mode. You can now also do a lot more formatting (paragraph, header, etc.) Now, before I get hammered with comments, I know that much of this was available before but it made a huge difference which browser you used. So if nothing else, it is a convenience for me that all these features work with Firefox/BonEcho for Mac You can also “remove formatting,” “paste from Word,” and “undo.” NB Mac users: The default “command” key is ctrl rather than the cmd/Apple key.

Finally, I had to update a few plugins (the auto update feature is great! but not all plugins support it yet) including GoogleAnalytics. That seem to solve a few bugs. Other than that, this is an upgrade well worth making! Your visitors won’t see too many differences, but you will.

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