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If he won’t go to twitter let’s bring twitter to Jim!

Jeremy has an excellent idea. Tweet straight from Jim West’s blog I already wrote about this over the weekend, but now I’m just having too much fun with it.  Jim wrote another anti-twitter post this morning.  So, I went over and tweeted his post directly from his own blog.  I think it would be extraordinarily funny for everyone to go over and tweet the post to see how many tweets we could get for Jim’s anti-twitter blog […]

Jim West twitters

Well, not literally of course. You will not find a twitter account for the Zwingli hagiographer. But in making a parenthetical comment about the usefulness of twitter for sharing useful articles and information between colleagues it occurred to me that many of Jim’s posts likely fall within the 140 character limit and often function in the same manner as twitter. Quick, short notices about his feelings, views, grumblings with an accompanying link. In the last […]

Fractured online identity?

Or split personality? Christopher Long, associate professor of Philosophy at PSU and soon to be associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts, is wondering how to manage his online presence. Should he have one unified identity @cplong? Or two or more, such as I have (@targuman and @shcdean)? My comments were as follows. I have two because I do try and keep my @shcdean more “professional,” just as I keep my SHC blog […]

Testing… Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools for WP seems to be acting up again with some combination of my WordPress plugins. Throwing 500 errors when I post. This is just to test that. So… with my various combination of plugins turning on Twitter Tools results in Error 500 when posting and the “Comments” not showing up in the main Dashboard. Other than that everything seems to work just fine. Go figure. Current plugins (anyone see any real trouble here?): […]

The dangers of twitter?

One of our college paper reporters interviewed me earlier this week for his story on the “dangers” of twittering and social media. The study was reported by CNN (I cannot find the full study to…study) and many have pointed out the irony of that report since news outlets like CNN with their rapid-fire news updates rather than twitter or facebook are the targets of the study. I am convinced that twitter was cited (note the […]

Twitter Worship

A HT to @samharrelson for pointing out this story. My views may surprise some. The story is this: STALLINGS, N.C. (AP) — Most churches want them turned off, but one North Carolina church encouraged its members to use their cell phones, BlackBerrys and other devices to help spread the word during Easter services. Next Level church in Union County was alive with Twitter during the Easter Sunday service. The electronic service sends short messages to […]