MA Thesis – “Joseph, Dreams, And Interpretation”

It is interesting to me that the most viewed publication of mine on is my master’s thesis, “Joseph, Dreams, And Interpretation: A Study of the Stylistic and Rhetorical Features of the Dreams in the Joseph Narrative.” This was submitted for approval 20 years ago this May. (I submitted my dissertation on “The Midrash of […]

Rewriting Gen. 1 against atheistic evolution 6

Acknowledging that a significant of understanding Genesis chapter 1 is realizing the ANE background against which it was written, Joel Watts, AKA Polycarp, suggests we do the same with our modern backdrop of atheistic evolution. How would you write it? So, what if we did the same thing today – what if God inspired us […]

“They saw that they were naked” and sexy? 21

Two-thirds of the way through the semester in my course on Gen. 1-3 and we finally have gotten to that moment when the fruit has been eaten. Yesterday we discussed exactly what happens when Eve and Adam “who was with her” ate of that pesky pear.1 You recall that the serpent told Eve that when […]