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John Piper’s Warped & Harmful Teaching on Suffering

A few caveats to begin. Although I have known of John Piper for years, I am just now coming to read his teachings on suffering and the sovereignty of God. The book by that name is graciously made available for free download on his “Desiring God” site and is worth reading; there are multiple authors with thought-provoking comments. It was published in 2006. Finally, I know that he and the other contributors are motivated by […]

Plausible Origins – Virgin Births?

I stumbled across a post by Vince Vitale who was responding to a challenge from a friend, a retired Princeton professor, who stated simply, “I cannot believe in the virgin birth.” There is no doubt that this is an assertion of the Gospels that regularly meets with doubt and shrugs by many, including among the clergy. But is it really more astounding than other miracles asserted in the Bible? And, Vitale points out, is it […]

Creation: Stewardship or sacrifice? Why either/or?

I have mentioned before that we have a couple of conferences on climate change coming up at Penn State. One that we as the honors college are hosting and one that I as a scholar and clergy am participating in. The former is “Educating for Sustainability” and theĀ latter is “Stewardship or Sacrifice? Religion and the Ethics of Climate Change” and the panel that I am chairing is “The theology of stewardship and sacrifice in response […]