Das Denken ist auch Gottesdienst 3

UPDATE: Now almost 7 years since I first posted this @jasonstaples has offered a source for the earliest citation! I have to say, it is more concise than the source I cite below.1 The citation is found in volume 1 of the “International Journal of Ethics,” October, 1890, January, April, and July, 1891. It is an article by J. H. Muirhead, […]

The danger of praying in high places

From The Hammer of God by G. K. Chesterton. “I think there is something rather dangerous about standing on these high places even to pray,” said Father Brown. “Heights were made to be looked at, not to be looked from.” “Do you mean that one may fall over,” asked Wilfred. “I mean that one’s soul […]

Praying in Public Banned in Paris

This is cross posted from my PLA blog. This post is intended to spur on discussion. The blog posts that our students are required by assignment must be longer and contain their own argument and perspective.  The new law, reported by the Telegraph, is apparently being introduced because thousands of Muslims are praying in the streets, […]

“New Atheism Redux” Evolution & Religion…again

Frankly, these debates exhaust me and I have little use or time for wading through the morass of words generated by all combatants. This was a very nice article, however, from Michael Ruse on the Chronicle of Higher Education, an atheist against the New Atheists. A snippet: Most of all I detest the New Atheism […]

“Surprises in the Lords Prayer” Oh my, yes! 5

Our dear friend Jim-A-Mighty would label this a “dilettante alert.” Ms. Diana deRegneir admits to an ad hoc learning of religious matters, including the Lord’s Prayer. You too will be “surprised” by what she has found in “the Lords [sic] Prayer.” (I suppose I could stop there, but no, let’s go on.) However, when I […]