Podcasts I am listening to now. #TryPod

Never one to be prompt, I am late to this game of sharing my favorite podcasts. “Informally led” by NPR March was the month to declare your love for podcasts with the hashtag #TryPod. According to Edison Research, one in five Americans listened to podcasts every month as of early 2016 – a number that […]

God’s Will in Civil War

My good friend DS shared this quote from Abraham Lincoln regarding God’s will and the Civil War. It seems particularly applicable today, not just in the obvious tensions, but the subtle as well. It also is a very good reminder of the difficulty of discerning “God’s will.” The will of God prevails. In great contests […]

The Ash Wednesday of Democracy

Look at me! I did the very minimum required to participate in our democracy! Wear your sticker with pride.  

Too Much Coffee Man, Shannon Wheeler http://www.tmcm.com/tmcm/

A few of my favorite things: Podcasts 2

Continuing my list of favorite things as my present to you, today I want to share some of my top picks among podcasts. I spend a lot of time traveling and doing dishes and podcasts are how I keep sane and learn along the way. So, by category, here are the podcasts I listen to regularly. […]

Satire, what is it good for? 3

From my occasional blog for the Presidential Leadership Academy There was an exciting announcement that went out via email this past week. A member of the Presidential Leadership Academy, Remy Maisel, and Penn State professor Dr. Sophia McClennen will be co-authoring a book titled, Is Satire Saving Our Nation? Mockery and American Politics. For those who know Remy […]

This is not satire, it is a satyr.

The Daily Show – Fighting for a traditional Purim 1

The story starts here, with a NY state assemblyman from Brooklyn, Dov Hikind dressed in black face as a basketball player at a Purim party. Now watch this. The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook  

Rhetorical Aside

Warning: This is not a statement about the current immigration debate in the US. This is a statement about rhetoric and the use of language.

I have often heard people say “we shouldn’t use the term ‘illegal alien’ because there are no other instances where we label the person as ‘illegal’ rather than the action.” Not true. Two examples immediately come to mind: thief (“illegal taker of things”) and murderer (“illegal taker of another’s life”). And there are plenty of others I am sure you can come up with (“embezzler,” for example).


Forget about Jesus’ wife, let’s talk about his color 1

 … and which candidate is more like JC. (BTW there are very real and interesting historical questions about Jesus’ ethnicity that are usually very poorly handled. This story is actually about modern social issues and contemporary politics.) I like the contrast put forward: Less remarked are the differences in how the color of Christ pertains […]

Bizarro Schooled!

I have long been a fan of Dan Piraro’s odd one-panel comic Bizarro. Our views don’t always jive (although we both like cigars), but I was impressed to see him (or anyone really) so publicly admit to changing their mind about an issue, especially a currently politically hot issue. Last week he had the comic […]

“Is Our Patriotism Moral?” 1

Outstanding moral reflection Gary Gutting for today. Be sure to read the whole thing (On another day I would reflect that the universality of morality can be found in both testaments of the Bible, not just in Socrates.), but here is the nub of his argument.  It may seem, then, that we must either accept […]