Podcasts I am listening to now. #TryPod

Never one to be prompt, I am late to this game of sharing my favorite podcasts. “Informally led” by NPR March was the month to declare your love for podcasts with the hashtag #TryPod. According to Edison Research, one in five Americans listened to podcasts every month as of early 2016 – a number that […]

Is this ironic?

I think so, but Alanis Morissette always makes me question my use of the term. Google’s Threat Echoed Everywhere, Except China By ANDREW JACOBS, MIGUEL HELFT and JOHN MARKOFF3 minutes ago BEIJING — China heavily censored the news that Google would stop cooperating with Chinese Internet censorship and consider shutting down its operations in the […]

Jesus Christ is unavailable for comment 2

No, that is not a reference to Tiger Woods. Jim West pointed out this story about a disruptive juror who happened to have had her name changed to “Jesus Christ.” Jim’s commentary is what we would expect. Seriously, Some People Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Public Like this nut job. Though, to be fair, calling this woman […]

Relics in space

[Still procrastinating…] I was drawn to this Wired article by the title, Russian Cosmonaut’s Blog Much Funnier Than NASA. But it was the flying cross that caught my attention. Cool, eh? The blog, as translated by Russia Today, includes pictures from the ISS — and covers a much different array of topics than you usually see […]

Long weekend…

Not because we took a vacation but because we were thinking of and praying for our friends in NOLA. My wife, as you know, continues to telecommute as a media consultant for the Episcopal Diocese of LA and she was busy all last week and through the storm coordinating media coverage, calling, texting, and just […]