What will be the biggest news to come out of SBL? 2

Many of us are arriving tomorrow and a few are already in Boston for ASOR, but the Society of Biblical Literature conference begins on Saturday! So, what do you all think will be the biggest news to come out of SBL?


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2 thoughts on “What will be the biggest news to come out of SBL?

  • Jim

    In a surprising outburst during Philip Davies’ presentation, Billy the Dever will rush the podium, throw himself down on the floor, and while weeping admit that he had just been trying to straddle the fence by pandering to the maximalists.

    As well, Mark Goodacre and the other defenders of Wikiality will gather in the lunchroom and agree to delete all positive references to wiki in their class notes and postings.

    Hershel Shanks will be seen moping about in the book exhibit alone because no one will talk to him except Tabor and he’s not talking to anyone.

    The organizers of the ‘biblioblogger get together’ will lament their poor planning and confess online on each of their blogs that they shouldn’t have waited till the last minute to try to get something together.

    James Crossley will be seen in a local shop purchasing a WWE wrastling outfit to take home to Sheffield; along with a matching one (in a bit larger size) for Hugh.

    Finally, James McGrath will, during his talk, admit that the risen Jesus appeared to him as a 500 foot tall figure.