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New Theme

It turns out the WordPress theme I had been using for quite some time, 3 Column K2, was breaking with new iterations of WP and it was not being updated. So today I have hunted around and found what I think will be a decent theme, PrimePress. So far I am unable to turn the title off along the top so my images with the title included are redundant, but I will edit those later. […]

Livestock Expo

In the same center where the poultry competition is going on there is also the National Livestock Exposition. There is the “Country Store” (one of the arenas with sale booths set up) with saddles and trailers for sale and today the sheep competition was going on. (This is not a member of a secret racist group, but a show sheep whose owner is trying to keep his wool clean. Just wanted to clear that up.) […]

4H Poultry & Egg Competition

The competition is going on right now! I spent a couple of hours taking pictures and watching. The poultry judging is the same as 25 years ago, but now in addition to an egg cooking competition there is a chicken and turkey barbecue competition and the “Avian Bowl,” a trivia contest based upon USDA and industry facts about the poultry. Here are a few shots from the competition following the jump.