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4H Poultry & Egg Competition

The competition is going on right now! I spent a couple of hours taking pictures and watching. The poultry judging is the same as 25 years ago, but now in addition to an egg cooking competition there is a chicken and turkey barbecue competition and the “Avian Bowl,” a trivia contest based upon USDA and industry facts about the poultry. Here are a few shots from the competition following the jump.  

Feelin’ chickens, feelin’ good!

My wife suggested the title. I used to introduce the myself by saying that I was a state champion chicken feeler (since that is part of how you tell if a hen is producing eggs, by seeing how “open” the vent is). But just for fun I thought you might like to see the slides that I put together for my talk. All the images came from Flickr and are being used under Creative Commons […]