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New Intro to Lamentations & Menu Organization

I have reorganized the menus (drop down menus at the top of the site) to try and make them more useful and accessible. You will find “Ruth and Its Targum” and “Lamentations and Its Targum” with submenus. Clicking on any of the titles will take you a page of material or posts. For example, clicking on “Lamentations and Its Targum” will take you to the landing page with general information about the Book of Lamentations […]

Flipbook-style plug-in for WordPress!

The Chronicle of Higher Education blog ProfHacker put me on to a great WP plugin that makes your site look and work like Flipboard, a great magazine like news-reading experience for the iPad. I have it running now, what do you think? OnSwipe describes itself as “a platform that makes it insanely easy for publishers of all sizes to make their content and advertising a beautiful experience on touch-enabled devices via Web browser.” Any blog […]

“Making Student Blogs Pay Off with Blog Audits” – CHE

ProfHacker at the Chronicle of Higher Education has a great little piece about how to make students’ blogging more effective, not in terms of production, but in terms of learning. We require students in our leadership academy to blog all three years they are in it and many find it daunting and frankly useless. I think this may well prove a useful method. My adaptation of Blau’s reading log audit is essentially a blog post […]

New Home Page

Most of you probably come directly to the blog, but some folks might land on directly. I have not updated that page in quite a while so today I did a quick job in iWeb to provide more of a landing page. There are links there to facebook, flickr, and twitter accounts in addition to this blog. (Makes you wonder if bob cargill had a hand in naming all these lowercase social networking sites.) […]


Will I ever blog again?

I hope to, but my schedule lately has been ridiculous. I had a great visit with Bob Cargill and next time I hope to meet up with Chris Heard as well. Bob and I talked a lot of edutech including digital textbooks and eduApps (my term) that would, for example, incorporate 3D fly throughs of Qumran such as Bob’s doctorate offers along with images, assessment tools and good old text. We also talked about blogging […]

Long time no blog…

The last two months has been incredibly hectic and I have had little time to blog, as you all have no doubt noticed. A few highlights of the last two months that I hope to post about (and I even have a draft or two started) but may not get to. Andy Ihnatko, internationally-beloved technology pundit and frequent guest on Mac Break Weekly, visited campus. We had a great time and even recorded a podcast […]

Reimagine Scholarship | Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology

Some students and I will be presenting on our blogging initiative at the Penn State TLT Symposium this spring. Reimagine Scholarship | Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology. Reflective blogging across a student’s college career Schreyer Honors College Dean Chris Brady and two students describe a pilot in which the students are asked to blog about their college experiences. Students are asked to relate their posts to the Honors College mission of academic excellence […]

Bibliobloggers at SBL

Douglas Mangum of Biblia Hebraica has a nice listing of Bibliobloggers presenting at SBL. It is quite a list! We were working a Biblioblogger get together but so far we have not had much luck. I will keep you posted! In the meantime, do check out the growing list of papers on offer by our guild. As pointed out, Aramaic Studies offers a two-for-one! Bonus Session – Two for the Price of One: SBL24-103, Aramaic […]

Firefox Plugin for Bibliobloggers

JP has posted a search plugin for FF 3.0 that will allow one to search all the biblioblogs on this list . It is a wonderful tool and I am very grateful for it! (As an aside, if you are on Mac using NetNewsWire as a reader, which is now free, you can simply search all feeds from there. BUT you can only search what is still cached. This plugin allows you to search the […]