Firefox Plugin for Bibliobloggers

You can also order the search engines in the list.JP has posted a search plugin for FF 3.0 that will allow one to search all the biblioblogs on this list . It is a wonderful tool and I am very grateful for it! (As an aside, if you are on Mac using NetNewsWire as a reader, which is now free, you can simply search all feeds from there. BUT you can only search what is still cached. This plugin allows you to search the Google archives.)

To install this on a Mac, download JP’s plugin (it is an XML file so “Save as…” to the computer. Then go to the, right-click on it and select “Show Package Contents.” That will show you what is bundled into the program. Now go to Contents/MacOS/searchplugins and drop the file in there. Restart Firefox and away you go! Very nice and convenient.

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