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Creedal Confusion

I receive the daily devotionals from Richard Rohr and his “Center for Action and Contemplation.” I know many friends and a few family members who are appreciative of RR and his group’s work but I find it often very frustrating. I often agree with about 80% or more of what he writes. What often frustrates me is not not the 20% where I do not agree, but how arguments are set up and presented. Too […]

Marriage and Redemption in the Book of Ruth

This brief post began as a response to a comment on my earlier post “Age in the Book of Ruth and a Proxy Marriage?” The commentator very simply stated that the marriage between Ruth and Boaz was because “a baby needed to be born to preserve the line of Naomi’s husband.” It was suggested (stated really) that I do not understand Jewish law. Now, I do not pretend to be an expert in all things […]

Where are the fatherly role models in the Bible?

This is not, by the way, a late post for Father’s Day 2016. It is a really late Father’s Day 2015 post. I started it more than a year ago. It started, in part, because I have seen the encouragement and strength my wife has felt from all of the strong female examples in the Bible. That is ironic, of course, because the Bible is so male-focused. Yet it is true, positive male examples in the Bible are actually few and far […]

“Soul Sleep” or Immediate Resurrection?

January 14, 2014 Charles Miller, in the comments, shared this quote from Emil Brunner’s The Eternal Hope (available in its entirety as a PDF here). I am not familiar with his work (a lacking in my education, clearly) but have ordered this volume and look forward to reading it. Brunner says what I was trying to articulate in a much more elegant manner: It can be solved the moment we become clear that there is […]

CHE Article – Online Split Personality?

This weekend an article came out in the Chronicle of Higher Education about academics and academic units with multiple online “identities.” I was interviewed along with several others, but for some reason I was the only one of whom they took silly pictures. It is a very good article on a topic that really is a challenge for everyone, not just institutions. Everyone needs to ask themselves, what does my facebook/twitter/blog say about myself. If […]

Don’t be a lackey

I really enjoy Evil, Inc. by Brad Guigar. It is a comic about superheroes and villains and I found this strip very amusing and thought provoking. But I am not sure how I feel about this. As a parent I am inclined to feel the same way, think for yourself and take responsibility, even if you are going to do stupid things some times. I am not comfortable with the moral relativism however. (BTW Miss […]

“Perhaps this generation of teenagers will pull away from religion for good.”

That is the concluding line from this oped by Bonnie Erbe. I suspect she is enjoying a double entendre here as her article makes it clear that she finds religion useless at best and narcissistic at worst. She is reviewing the already-well-commented-upon Almost Christianity by Kenda Creasy Dean. I have not read the book and only skimmed the reviews, but what I noticed about Erbe’s piece is how she is able to devolve religion into […]

Dressing for the classroom, criticizing feminist scholarship, and online education

A quick review of higher education news highlights. As I sit with my cuppa tea this morning and read the Chronicle of Higher Ed and Inside Higher Ed a few stories caught my eye. Sartorial Study Suggests Professors Should Wear What They Want (subscriber link, this is a free link for 5 days)- A psychology instructor at North Hennipin Community College came to this conclusion after a brief study with four sections of a class. […]

The Church Stagnant

I actually don’t have a commentary to write about my church, the ECUSA, or even THE church to go with this picture, but it wouldn’t take much. The church pictured below is now abandoned, trapped in a lava flow that moved around and into the church, covering the town below and leaving the church abandoned and encased in a mountain. Feel free to add your own sermon illustration to go along with these amazing photos. […]