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(Apparently these are hornets. As a Damascus High School graduate I feel I should have known that.) Psa. 118.12 They surrounded me like bees; they blazed like a fire of thorns; in the name of the LORD I cut them off! (Proving anyone can ignore context.) This Labor Day I have been doing a bit of the L word myself, helping to clean the house, run errands, and trim the hedges. And that is when […]

Saying goodbye to coffee

One of the “benefits” of having a 24 hour stomach flu that lasted 72 hours is that I finally have the fortitude to try and wean myself from coffee. (“Cold turkey” anyone?) I usually have a very large mug of the dark and rich in the morning and another in the afternoon and I have found that it just is too much for the old system. So why not just cut it out of the […]

Sick to…

…well, not death, but it felt like it. The Little Man woke up in the middle of the night Saturday with a stomach bug and it has now worked its way through the fam, with Dad being the latest (and hopefully the last!). So, no posts from the sick bed and now I have too much work to catch up on, but hopefully something later this weekend.  

Photo: Ghost from Christmas Past

Am I the only child of the 70’s who was dressed up to look like a Hummel figurine?UPDATE: Since it appears I was not alone in this indignity, given the comments below, I thought I would share this image. I remember specifically depicting this scene on my grandmother’s fence. (The frog was a thing that held the sponge next to her sink.)  I believe this was all for some sort of contest which, so far […]

In a jet plane and thinking thoughts

I don’t get turbulence. It is absolutely clear out, we are above the clouds with the sunset in front of us (being 4 hours later than scheduled) and yet the place is buffeted about like a paper cup in a river. What was it someone said about the Holy Spirit being like the wind? I always have such mixed feelings about SBL. I have a great sense of inadequacy, see the recent Chronicle article, but […]

Photo: St. Thomas, NYC

Yesterday I drove to NYC for a reception (and then drove back last night). I happened upon this gorgeous church during my walkabout. They were rehearsing for a boys/mens choir recital that night. Wonderful acoustics in this church. It was burned down in 1905 (the church, not the choir) so the vast majority of it is rebuilt. It was interesting to see the people who came in. One woman came, knelt in the pew in […]