Photo: New Kitten 3

Kitten 2Jim West may not approve of cats, but “Jingle” (or “Tyger,” as I prefer to call her) is a great little kitten that has brought a lot of joy to the family.


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3 thoughts on “Photo: New Kitten

  • Jim

    It’s not that I disapprove of cats; it’s that I loathe the allergen infested, plague carrying beasts. If I get within 10 feet of them I can’t breath. hence, in my estimation, cats should all be loaded into giant spacecraft and shot out into the outer darkness, along with their vile flaky skin and gross, clingy hair.


  • Chris Brady Post author

    Ah Jim, now you have let the cat out of the bag. All those who wish a Jim West free zone need merely to station felines at appropriate distances to afford true peace and tranquility. 🙂