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Nisus Writer Pro 3.0 Released

I have been using one version of Nisus or another since 1994. I have written all of my academic work in it (it was one of the first to support right-to-left languages on the Mac) and while there was an annoying footnote bug that bit me when I was submitting my doctoral thesis, they have never been short of amazing in support.  Now Nisus Writer Pro 3.0 is out! I have not had a chance […]

Sente is (long) dead, long live EndNote?

Several years ago I wrote about seeking a bibliographic software. I had been using EndNote for years, but I wanted a solution that would allow me to archive and annotate PDFs while also having access to them on the iPad. I chose the “walled garden” of Sente. It was well integrated, had server support, and required little work on my part to keep it up. The latter was in distinction from various other solutions at […]

View Unread Mail in iOS using Notifications Workaround

UPDATE: Apparently iOS 7 will allow you to view Unread messages only. As of 8/29/13 it has not yet been released, so I cannot confirm that. UPDATE 2:Indeed iOS 7 allows this. In the Mail app go to “Mailboxes” (upper left corner) and, if you don’t already see “Unread,” select “Edit” in the upper right corner. You will now be able to see “Unread” as an option but also “To or CC” allowing you to […]

Sente Update Features Biblical & Theological features

Tonight a new update was pushed out to Sente, the bibliographic software that I have blogged about before. I was tickled and pleased to see the following notes in the update: Fixed the plural version of the Editors/Translators prefixes for book chapters in the SBL format. Added Fuller Theological Seminary library as a Z39.50 data source.  

Digital Research in the Liberal Arts | A Digital Learning Lab for Faculty

If you are interested in using digital tools in your research (and you must be since you are reading blogs, right?) then head on over to this new blog. It will follow the discussion and progress of a group of faculty from the College of Liberal Arts at Penn State. I am pleased to have been able to beg my way into this great group. In this summer research project, we are exploring the use […]

Closing in on the end of an era

No matter how many times humanity does this it is amazing. My father spent most of his career with NASA and so we grew up watching and rooting for space flight. I have to say that as I have gotten older I have questioned the ethics of the amount of money we spend on such research (thinking that was spurred in no little part by this song from Adam Again: Inner-City Blues and which I […]

SBL Paper on Social Media

I have been asked by the good folks from SBL’s Student Advisory Board to present a paper/lead a discussion on how graduate students and recent PhD’s can best use social media (and what to avoid). I wonder what you think of this for a title and abstract? “On the Internet no one knows you’re a grad student.” Or how social media can help you, build you up, and tear you down. I will consider how […]

Happy Birthday Space Station!

This is the last project my father worked on in his career with NASA. This year is the 10th birthday of the station, although it continues to grow and be rebuilt. CNET has some great photos. The space station as it looked in August 2005. For most of its habitable history (about eight years), the ISS has had room for just three crew members. But in just the last few weeks, that capacity has doubled […]

Testing Smart YouTube

Testing a WordPress plugin called “Smart YouTube” for, you guessed it, adding YouTube videos to the blog with full functionality. (BTW, I have no idea what this song is about, but the video is very cool. Apparently “pikapika” is an onomatopoeia in Japanese for “electric sparkling” hence the images in this video.) httpv://