SBL Paper on Social Media

I have been asked by the good folks from SBL’s Student Advisory Board to present a paper/lead a discussion on how graduate students and recent PhD’s can best use social media (and what to avoid). I wonder what you think of this for a title and abstract?

“On the Internet no one knows you’re a grad student.” Or how social media can help you, build you up, and tear you down.

I will consider how one can leverage social media such as blogs, Facebook,, twitter, and so on to help one build community and garner feedback (and positive attention) for one’s work. Of course social media can also be a sucking morass [probably shouldn’t use that in the blurb] where a stray, unwise comment can remain forever to embarrass you like a fly trapped in a bit of amber while sitting on the toilet. [Probably shouldn’t use that bit either.]

What do you think? And of course, wanting to leverage social media myself, please feel free to send me your thoughts and comments on this topic and I will weave it into my presentation.

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