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SBL Paper on Social Media

I have been asked by the good folks from SBL’s Student Advisory Board to present a paper/lead a discussion on how graduate students and recent PhD’s can best use social media (and what to avoid). I wonder what you think of this for a title and abstract? “On the Internet no one knows you’re a grad student.” Or how social media can help you, build you up, and tear you down. I will consider how […]

Thinking more broadly about technology and biblical studies

You may have read my “modest proposal for assessing digital biblical studies.” My focus there was on issues relating primarily to promotion and tenure, the coin of the realm for academia, and how we as a discipline can properly assess and present the emerging digital production for P&T committees. Technology is impacting our field in far more ways than simply blogs and online journals. Think about everything from our desire to have free (or affordable) […]