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Eighth Annual Ralphies are up!

My friend and colleague Ed Cook is the author of Ralph the Sacred River and the Eighth Annual Ralphies are up! Go and see what his picks for books, music, and movies are this year. As usual, I do not feel that I have much to offer in terms of top reading, listening, and viewing, but I will give it a go anyway. In terms of music, one year I said that I had stumbled across The Shins and was told […]

What is so good about “The Good Book”?

I am sure that I am late to this discussion, but this morning I was catching up on some podcasts. A great one that I think you will really like is PRI’s The World in Words. As the title implies, it is about words, language, and rhetoric around the world. The podcast I was listening to this morning was from December 12, 2011 and is about the Bible, the brain, and religion. There were several […]

“Glory to God in the highest”

“Glory to God in the highest” I pray for that you all had a blessed Christmas and wish you all the best as we end this year. If you are like me, you have a number of activities on your list for this next week: articles to read and write, work on the house, and of course spending time with family. I am preaching to myself when I say, try to also take time to […]

Christmas Traditions

We all have them, even my Jewish friends (and yes, they all tell me it involves Chinese food and a movie, it is their stereotype, not mine). Before we had children we would attend the midnight service, come home, fill my Churchwarden with tobacco, and have a small glass of champagne in front of the fire. Now we have an early dinner, my current dish is Cornish game hens with cranberry relish, then attend the […]

My Photo Gear

Those who have been patient enough to continue with this blog know that I have been blogging less about academic matters and I am more often sharing photos that I have taken. The primary reason for this is that my administrative duties keep me rather busy, allowing less time for the kind of research and reflection necessary for thoughtful posts on biblical and rabbinic literature. That is what also led to my return to photography. […]