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What is so good about “The Good Book”?

I am sure that I am late to this discussion, but this morning I was catching up on some podcasts. A great one that I think you will really like is PRI’s The World in Words. As the title implies, it is about words, language, and rhetoric around the world. The podcast I was listening to this morning was from December 12, 2011 and is about the Bible, the brain, and religion. There were several […]

LEGO City & Crime Doesn’t Pay

I have been more than a little under the weather this weekend, but decided to break out of the funk by helping Da Mackster set up more of his LEGOs for a photo shoot. These are from the LEGO City set. Here you can see his firehouse and the Chief (not the beard and glass, new Twitter avatar coming soon!) and some shots of a criminal trying to evade justice. Never! No one can outrun […]

Building a Ferrari

Actually, I just documented it. Our 6 year old son, a LEGO fiend received has last birthday present earlier this week, a full Ferrari F1 travel and pit crew. (With Schumacher going to Mercedes, this may be their last successful outing.) You can see in the background the stacked up boxes of all of his other LEGO presents, from┬ájust┬álast week. He finished this large set in just two days, rather impressive I think. There is […]


Our son is now at an age where he can really make (or at least enjoy watching me) LEGO sets. This morning we have been perusing LEGOs sit. They have games that you can play online and even embed in your own website! (Although it isn’t working for me in Firefox 3.0.4 and Mac OS X 10.5. Let me know if it works for you.)