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Building a Ferrari

Actually, I just documented it. Our 6 year old son, a LEGO fiend received has last birthday present earlier this week, a full Ferrari F1 travel and pit crew. (With Schumacher going to Mercedes, this may be their last successful outing.) You can see in the background the stacked up boxes of all of his other LEGO presents, from┬ájust┬álast week. He finished this large set in just two days, rather impressive I think. There is […]

Video of new Formula 1 rule changes

While living in England I developed a real love of Formula 1 racing. I have always liked cars and I really enjoy watching racing, but not NASCAR. Sorry folks, that is just circular madness in my view. Rally racing, touring cars, and Formula 1. Awesome. This year F1 has introduced incredibly sweeping changes that promise to transform the race. Watch the video and get geared up for the first on 29 March 2009! httpv:// […]