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Eighth Annual Ralphies are up!

My friend and colleague Ed Cook is the author of Ralph the Sacred River and the Eighth Annual Ralphies are up! Go and see what his picks for books, music, and movies are this year. As usual, I do not feel that I have much to offer in terms of top reading, listening, and viewing, but I will give it a go anyway. In terms of music, one year I said that I had stumbled across The Shins and was told […]

7th Annual Ralphies

While like Ed I have been reflecting upon the slowdown of my blog posting (and really wondering if I should really be considered a “biblioblogger” anymore or not), I should at least pop back online to point you to his annual “best of” list, the Ralphies. My oldest surviving post (but not the oldest) is my own “Ralphie” back when it was only 2 years old. But rather than muddle through my thoughts, you should […]

Fifth Annual Ralphies

Ed Cook of Ralph the Sacred River has his Fifth Annual Ralphies. I have not done this every year, but this year I can indeed offer my top picks for the categories required for the Ralphy. BEST MOVIE: Like Ed and unlike the rest of humanity I have not seen The Dark Knight so I cannot make that obvious pick, but we have seen a few new movies this year. I like Wall•E but it […]