Being religious?

“CofE” is the term often used to describe the “Church of England.” “CandE” refers to those folks who come to church only on “Christmas and Easter.” Most of us are very religious; the question is, what are we worshiping. recently began running these one-panel comics from 1974. I certainly don’t remember them from way […]

The Action Bible Review – Comic Disappointment 2

UPDATE: See my comment on the end about suitability for children. My wife and daughter, knowing that I love comics and cartoons, bought me The Action Bible for Christmas. I was very excited! The artist Sergio Cariello is excellent with Marvel and DC Comics credits to his name. Unfortunately his beautiful work is completely undermined by […]

The End Is (Not So Very) Near

To go with the sermon I just posted, The Right Side of History.  

Comic: Heaven (is Hell for philosophers)

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal  

Who is to blame? 

From cartoonist Corey Pandolph’s collection of rejected New Yorker cartoons.  

The Age of Miracles Explained

Source: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal  

A Gamer’s Guide to Baptism

  From Scott Kurtz’s PVP.  

Proof of the Authority of Scripture

That’s one way to look at it. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner.  

I (don’t) believe; help my (un)belief!

The reference to Mark 9:24 came to mind when reading this Jesus And Mo comic. For those not familiar, J&M is written by an anonymous author (for her/his protection) and is very anti-religion. Often the strip has very prescient and insightful comments and there is always truth in it. I am well aware of the research […]

What to consider before choosing academia

I don’t really have an essay to write on the subject yet. I just wanted to use this Berger & Wyse comic. I could, of course, write something quite long on the subject, but for the moment I will simply say this: If you are considering a doctoral program and becoming a faculty member, do […]