Fowl Humor in the Face of Grief

Fowl Language is a panel comic by Brian Gordon that usually focuses upon the challenges of parenthood…through ducks. It seems that, in the world of the comic, if not Gordon’s own life, grief has arrived as the father’s mother is nearing her end. His last two comics are wonderful and poignant.

This one from July 25, 2023 captures so well not only the wide range of emotions we feel when a loved one is dying or has died, but also affirms that it is all appropriate. “Feel the feels” is the phrase in our house.

Two days later, this comic speaks to grieving in a family and how normal, even mundane things like video games, can become a much needed haven in the storm of emotions.

My prayers are with Mr. Gordon and his family (or the Fowl family if it is fiction) and my gratitude for his take on life and death.

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