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UPDATE 2017: I originally posted this two years again, when it was first produced. It has been making the rounds again unattributed so I wanted to be sure folks could find Everett’s site. But on looking at it again this Advent, I was struck again by how right he got this. His interpretation accurately depicts the sense of the original context, the pregnant mother and anxious father just looking for a place to rest. Not unwelcome per se, but just ignored, just a few more people wandering the streets hardly noticed by anyone. Everett shares his original sketch and this comment on “perspective.”

A word on perspective: for this image, I chose very, very wide vanishing points. The result is what I occasionally call “middle-class white people perspective.” Rather than feeling immersed in the scene, the viewer is looking at it as if from across the street or from the warmth and safety of his or her passing car.

Perhaps that is the greater challenge to most of us comfortable, cozy Christians. We are not antagonistic, we would not “hate” the holy couple, we just dispassionately observe from a safe distance. “Oh look honey! Those poor people. I hope they get in from the rain soon. The light’s green, let’s go.”

On the site he shares more comments about the image, thoughts behind it, and hidden gems (how many biblical references can you find?).

Orignal post: What a great and beautiful reinterpretation. Go and check out Everett’s site! He has his comics available for download DRM free or, better yet, support him and buy the print comic!

Source: José y Maria | Everett Patterson Comics

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