Jesus Saves (but the Penguins drop the 5th game) 4

Go on, be offended, I know someone will be. But I thought it was funny. (And feel free to insert your favorite scorer following. As in, “Jesus saves! Crosby scores on the rebound!”)


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4 thoughts on “Jesus Saves (but the Penguins drop the 5th game)

  • Jamie Oberdick

    Several of my friends insist what I am going to write is the origin of that joke. I am not so sure.

    Back in the late 80s and early 90s, while a certain Mario Lemeuix was terrorizing goalies and electrifying a city, there was a person or person spray painting a stencil of “Jesus Saves” all over the city. On mailboxes, building walls, interior walls, sidewalks, newspaper boxes, stop signs, flower stands, just about anything you can imagine. It got people talking, as no one knew who was doing it.

    One night at a Penguins game we went into a men’s room, and there on the wall was the spray painted “Jesus Saves” in its official-looking stencil.

    And below it, written in felt marker, was “and Lemeuix scores on the rebound.” I doubt it was the original, but it gave us all a good laugh.

    Happy Easter, Dean Brady.