Authoring History

The Great Vigil of Easter 2017 –  St. Bartholomew’s, Nashville. This is my homily from this year’s Great Easter Vigil.1 The service is gorgeous, but long (hence a homily and not a full sermon) and since it starts after sundown it does not end until quite late. Some parishes will have the service start about an hour before dawn […]

Being religious?

“CofE” is the term often used to describe the “Church of England.” “CandE” refers to those folks who come to church only on “Christmas and Easter.” Most of us are very religious; the question is, what are we worshiping. GoComics.com recently began running these one-panel comics from 1974. I certainly don’t remember them from way […]

Was the Passover sacrifice an atoning sacrifice? 19

No. This came up today due to a recent series on Christianity Today’s site. The series has good intentions. “Christ is our Passover Lamb” is a series of entries organized by Ed Stetzer. Part 8 was “The Atonement and the Passover: Exodus 12 by Matt Capps.” UPDATE: It appears that CT removed my comment from […]

There’s Passion and then there is Passion

In Oxford, they seem unable to tell the difference. (We lived on Cowley Road for three years.) Oxford City Council apologises for cancelling Passion Play ‘it mistook for live sex show’ A council has apologised after it cancelled a Good Friday Passion Play because it thought it was a live sex show. Oxford City Council […]

“Why lent is hypocritical”

Or not. The subject is a search that brought someone to Targuman and I hope they read my post Explaining Lent. As with anything else that we do, prayer, communion, charity, the attitude that we take into the endeavor makes all the difference in the world. Who shall ascend to the hill of the LORD? The one […]

We shall fear no longer sin, death, or the stock market.

This is my sermon for this Easter morning. Easter Sunday, Year B Acts 10:34-43 Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 Mark 16:1-8 We shall fear no longer sin, death, or the stock market. Alleluia Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia! This morning is a time to rejoice, a time of relief and joy. […]

Easter cartoon roundup 2

Johnny Hart, the late cartoonist who created B.C. is no longer with us to provide his annual controversial Easter strip, but others still mark the seasons with their single-paneled commentary. Daryl Cagle’s Political Cartoon page at MSNBC is the best single resource for English political cartoons. They also separate and order based upon theme. So, […]

Vermes on the resurrection

As regular as the Easter season itself Prof. Vermes has an article in the British press about the resurrection.There is nothing new in the Times piece, but his conclusion is markedly encompassing. Neither positive nor negative reasoning leads anywhere because the Resurrection of Jesus cannot be compared with events belonging to history. There is one […]