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Authoring History

The Great Vigil of Easter 2017 –  St. Bartholomew’s, Nashville. This is my homily from this year’s Great Easter Vigil.1 The service is gorgeous, but long (hence a homily and not a full sermon) and since it starts after sundown it does not end until quite late. Some parishes will have the service start about an hour before dawn on Easter Sunday. Since liturgical Christian days begin at sundown it is the first Easter service and includes the resurrection […]

5,000 years of Imperial History of the Middle East

This is an amazing Shockwave production showing in 90 seconds the ebb and flow of empires in the region of the Mediterranean basin and beyond. Sure, we can (and I hope some will) quibble about the details but I think this will give a nice broad sense of the region and its political history to my students. HT to SCMProfessor and thanks to Mapsofwar.com for making it.  

Remembering our veterans

We can never thank enough those who have served our country. I remember my grandfather, my wife’s grandfather, my brother, and brother-in-law. There are so many. Follow this link to see an amazingly touching and poignant tribute to our veterans. Read from the bottom to the top. I remember asking my grandfather, also a WW2 vet, if he had ever shot anyone. He said “no” as well… HT: Cidu Bill  

New (old) Library of Congress Photos

I have mentioned before that the LoC is posting some of their photographic holdings to Flickr as they are scanned. Today saw the release of a new batch. This one included photos of senators including these two from PA (my adopted state). The size difference is great (and great). Penrose is on the left and, at least according to Wiki, was quite the wit. Among other facts about his life Boies Penrose (November 1, 1860 […]