Authoring History

The Great Vigil of Easter 2017 –  St. Bartholomew’s, Nashville. This is my homily from this year’s Great Easter Vigil.1 The service is gorgeous, but long (hence a homily and not a full sermon) and since it starts after sundown it does not end until quite late. Some parishes will have the service start about an hour before dawn […]

Remembering our veterans

We can never thank enough those who have served our country. I remember my grandfather, my wife’s grandfather, my brother, and brother-in-law. There are so many. Follow this link to see an amazingly touching and poignant tribute to our veterans. Read from the bottom to the top. I remember asking my grandfather, also a WW2 […]

New (old) Library of Congress Photos 1

I have mentioned before that the LoC is posting some of their photographic holdings to Flickr as they are scanned. Today saw the release of a new batch. This one included photos of senators including these two from PA (my adopted state). The size difference is great (and great). Penrose is on the left and, […]