Sente Update Features Biblical & Theological features 3

Tonight a new update was pushed out to Sente, the bibliographic software that I have blogged about before. I was tickled and pleased to see the following notes in the update:

  • Fixed the plural version of the Editors/Translators prefixes for book chapters in the SBL format.
  • Added Fuller Theological Seminary library as a Z39.50 data source.

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3 thoughts on “Sente Update Features Biblical & Theological features

  • Stefan Green

    I have begun to use Sente, but I have noticed that SBL in-citation does not follow the SBL format. Are you using SBL format, and if so, how have you solved the problem in-citation?

    Thank you for answer.

    • Christian Brady Post author

      Stefan, while I have not had a lot of work with the actual citation issues, my grad assistant has. I asked Eric for a response to your question:

      For both Sente queries, I think the answer lies in duplicating the existing SBL format to make a local copy which can then be manipulated through the Bibliography Format Editor. Here I think the append rules are going to be important. The Sente User Manual addresses the Format Editor starting on p 275. It’s definitely not an easy or elegant solution and Sente could’ve done a much better job at getting the format right the first time around.