Hornets(Apparently these are hornets. As a Damascus High School graduate I feel I should have known that.)

Psa. 118.12

They surrounded me like bees;
they blazed like a fire of thorns;
in the name of the LORD I cut them off!

(Proving anyone can ignore context.)

This Labor Day I have been doing a bit of the L word myself, helping to clean the house, run errands, and trim the hedges. And that is when I found the bees nest. Actually, I only found them after I had mostly finished the boxwood hedge. I had just begun leveling off the top when I thought I had been hit by a bit of flying flora. A moment (and 4 stings) later I realized I had hit a bees nest. Fortunately I am not allergic, but I do believe that many stings is starting to have a soporific effect on me.

Good night.

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