Saying goodbye to coffee

One of the “benefits” of having a 24 hour stomach flu that lasted 72 hours is that I finally have the fortitude to try and wean myself from coffee. (“Cold turkey” anyone?) I usually have a very large mug of the dark and rich in the morning and another in the afternoon and I have found that it just is too much for the old system. So why not just cut it out of the diet? HEADACHES Ever had a migraine? That is what you get when you go cold turkey from coffee after 15 years of steady consumption. As my psychiatrist friend told me, some addictions are acceptable (and even mildly therapeutic).

But not being able to consume anything meant an enforced fast. So upon emerging from this desert I decided to take the opportunity to step back from the beans of the devil. (And for the record, that dreck that Chris Tilling orders at Starbucks is not coffee. Chris, when the caramel, cream, foam, and sugar out weighs the coffee by 14 oz. then it is no longer “coffee.”)

So I am down to a mere 1/4 cup of coffee in the morning and no more throughout the day! I spend most of the day asleep, but I am almost free!

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