New Home Page 2

Most of you probably come directly to the blog, but some folks might land on directly. I have not updated that page in quite a while so today I did a quick job in iWeb to provide more of a landing page. There are links there to facebook, flickr, and twitter accounts in addition to this blog. (Makes you wonder if bob cargill had a hand in naming all these lowercase social networking sites.)

Let me know what you think! Anything else to add/remove?


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2 thoughts on “New Home Page

    • Chris Brady Post author

      UPDATE: It is simply a matter of being logged in to facebook. If you are you will at least see a minimal view of my profile inviting you to ask to be my friend. If you are already my friend and logged in you will see my full profile. If you are NOT logged in, you get the error saying that the page can’t be found.

      Try logging into facebook and see if it still gives you that error. It may be because of my privacy settings. Thanks for pointing it out to me!