New Intro to Lamentations & Menu Organization

I have reorganized the menus (drop down menus at the top of the site) to try and make them more useful and accessible.

You will find “Ruth and Its Targum” and “Lamentations and Its Targum” with submenus. Clicking on any of the titles will take you a page of material or posts. For example, clicking on “Lamentations and Its Targum” will take you to the landing page with general information about the Book of Lamentations and the Targum. If you click on “The Book of Lamentations” you will be taken to a page of all posts categorized as either “Lament” or “Lamentations” and clicking on “Introduction to the Book of Lamentations” (a submenu of the submenu) will take you to my short introduction written for the Bible Briefs series published by Virginia Theological Seminary and Forward Publishing.

Please do let me know if it is too cumbersome or confusing! I want to make sure that this site can serve as a resource for those looking to do research on the topics covered at Targuman.

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