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Home! And XM Christmas

We made it home from SBL and I will report more later on. But first…I thought I would share with you this picture. We were listening to XM35 “Holly” Christmas songs on the way home. Our radio display resulted in the song title being truncated, but it sort of fits don’t you think? I do believe in fat, don’t you? So, anyone know the actual title of the song?  

What’s on Abegg’s iPod?

On the network in the hotel I came across this and feeling mischievous I thought I would post this this screen shot: Note that his music library is appropriately secured. But it got me wondering, what would be on Abegg’s iPod?  I think he probably gets in the groove with a little Earth, Wind, and Fire while reading the War Scroll. Your suggestions?  

Bibliobloggers SBL Dinner 2008

(Click on the picture to go to flickr and see more pictures of attendees.) Tonight we had our annual SBL Bibliobloggers dinner. Absent were the redoubtable Jim West and Chris Tilling but we made fun of them anyway. We had a tremendous group, with 23 people in attendance! We even had one or two self-described groupies. Nice. Once again I tried to record a podcast, and was successful…more less. I realized after about 20 minutes […]

First Day at SBL

As the sun rises over the buildings outside the window of my 15th floor room in the Sheraton I am still trying to decide what papers to see today. I only went to one paper yesterday, but it was a good one. Heath Thomas gave a paper: Reading Lamentations with Daniel Berrigan, S.J.Controversial peace activist, poet, and Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan writes: “In 2001, I turned eighty. That same year, the twin towers fell in […]

Because this is what ministry is all about, right?

Churches Vie to Attract The Newest First Family Washington Post Staff Writers Saturday, November 22, 2008; Page B01 There have been letters, discreet inquiries and bold appeals. Some are using their connections; others are just seeking a foot in the door. It’s part of the spirited competition among Washington churches to land the most sought-after Christians in town: the Obama family.  

Welcome to Boston

After a bumpy landing in DC on my way from Louisville I made it safe and sound in Boston. (The flight from Reagan to Logan was actually very smooth.) It was nice to see the banners welcoming us to the city…but I couldn’t help but wonder if our dues are paying for all of that. Could it be the tourism board? Next time the SBL board considers a cost increase I hope they will cut […]

SBL Bound – Sunday dinner?

I am packing up this morning and headed to the Louisville airport. I should arrive in Boston about 3 pm (barring any delays in Reagan National, always a possibility). This morning John Hobbins reminded us all of Michael Halcomb’s invitation for dinner on Sunday night. I somehow managed not to get my name on the list but John is encouraging us all to meet at the main entrance leading to the book displays on Sunday […]