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To my SBL & Biblioblogging friends

TLDR: Everyone take a deep breath. Over the past few weeks I have been in Germany on a research break. It is going surprisingly well with a large portion of the book now written. While we have been here we have not, of course, been away from the internet and social media, however healthful that choice might have been. You know I enjoy posting pictures and following what our friends are doing this summer. I […]

SBL 2013 – A Very Nice Time

We will be leaving first thing in the morning tomorrow, but had a great time. I heard a number of excellent papers and saw so many great friends who shared their love and concern for us. It was affirming, sad, and wonderful all at once. There is a consultation on the Megilloth in which I presented a paper and heard even better papers. I thought Andrew Davis had a very thought provoking paper with a few […]

The Anti-Pope’s Biblical Studies Carnival for July

Jim West has the “the Avignonian Papacy Edition” of the Biblical Studies Carnival for July. I am not sure where the official one is (I will be happy to post it if someone will direct me to it). It was kind of Jim to highlight my post on “The Experience of God.” Sadly, such posts and contemplations are still relevant. I heard from a close friend just two nights ago that on a church outing […]

Once more, what makes a biblioblogger?

Scott Bailey brings up this nagging question and Jim responds with his usual…rhetoric. I am not going to try and answer the question (by most definitions I might well not be included as one), but I am going to ask, when was it that so many self-defined bibliobloggers became the TMZ or Perez Hilton or the religious world? Perhaps we should have a new category, “The National BiblioEnquirer” for those who post solely about other stories […]

Founder and CEO of to speak at SBL

I am very pleased to announce that Richard Price, DPhil (Oxon) will be speaking at the Blogging and Online Publication session at SBL this fall. I had the chance to have a cuppa with Richard last fall in SF and he is a wonderful young philosopher who also has a keen sense of what is happening in the wired world. If you are not familar with it is somewhat like Facebook for academics. They […]

I’m as popular as Jim West, I just know I am!

Well, my site may not be as popular as our reigning #1 Biblioblogger, but I think I have figured out why I fare so poorly in the Alexa rankings. It isn’t that I am blogging far less frequently or that people aren’t interested in what I have to say (well, that could be it, but I resolutely refused to accept it; I reject your reality and substitute my own). Rather it is that Alexa ranks […]

Some aids for the older bibliobloggers amongst us

This was forwarded to me by a friend and I believe that there are those older bloggers who might benefit from this helpful list. As you get on in years it can be tough to keep up with the kids and their crazy lingo, but Old Folks have their own code words. ATD – At the Doctor’s BFF – Best Friends Funeral BTW – Bring the Wheelchair BYOT – Bring Your Own Teeth CBM – Covered […]

A Modest Proposal: Assessing Digital Biblical Studies

The following Is my presentation for today’s Blogging and Online Publishing session of SBL. I hope that my proposal will be taken seriously since I believe it offers the greatest promise for securing a credible future for digital biblical studies. Online Biblical Studies: Past, Present, Promise, and Peril I must begin by thanking James Davila for brilliantly and succinctly setting the stage for this session and obviating the need for me to offer anything by […]

Off to SBL in ATL

Most of those who are going to attend are already there, but I will not depart until early tomorrow (Saturday). This is due to the fact that my academic life is no longer really my own (not that it ever fully was). As an administrator my schedule does not follow the usual academic calendar and often involves a lot of travel and little time for contemplation, aside from hours in planes and sitting in airports. […]