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The Anti-Pope’s Biblical Studies Carnival for July

Jim West has the “the Avignonian Papacy Edition” of the Biblical Studies Carnival for July. I am not sure where the official one is (I will be happy to post it if someone will direct me to it). It was kind of Jim to highlight my post on “The Experience of God.” Sadly, such posts and contemplations are still relevant. I heard from a close friend just two nights ago that on a church outing […]

Updated: Biblical Studies Carnival for July 2011

UPDATE: J. K. Gayle has offered some additional links specifically from women bloggers. (I will more fully incorporate them into the blog when I return from vac and have access to a computer. Back so see the bottom of the post for her links, but be sure to visit her blog as well for comments there.) [Folks, I have worked on this for the last two days, I even have LOTS more links, but I […]

Call for Links – Biblical Studies Carnival July 2011

The Rev. Dr. Jim just reminded me that I am on deck for this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival. Help! I readily admit that right now I am swamped and I have not been keeping up with the blogs. Even if I had, my reading habits are different and narrower than others, so please let me know what you have enjoyed or been irritated by this month. Post it in the comments or directly email it […]

June Biblioblogging Carnival

I am late in noting the latest Biblioblogging Carnival, a sin which is all the more egregious because there is a kind mention of this blog, stating that my call for an end to endnotes “the most relevant, inspired, and insightful post of the year.” Thank you. Thank you very much. Now let’s march people! No more endnotes! Biblioblogging Carnival – Unsettled Edition As promised, this is the best, the absolute best, Carnival. Ever. You […]

Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVI

Although Targuman was not worthy of mention last month (although I did rise 4 spots on the Top 50 Biblioblogs! You love me! You really love me!) it is worth noting that Dr. Jim West has posted the BS Carnival for November, number ex ex ex vee eye. Read it now (or he will baptise Chris Tilling via immersion until legion departs from his quivering body).  

Biblical Studies Carnival XXX and XXXI are up!

Although delayed for very good reasons Tyler has posted the BSC for May, just in time for XXXI to come rolling along. Thanks Tyler! UPDATE: Biblical Studies Carnival XXXI is up! James R. Getz of Ketuvim is hosting the Carnival for July 2008. John Hobbins of Ancient Hebrew Poetry will be hosting the Biblical Studies Carnival XXXII so be sure to send in your suggestions. Submitting Entries Individuals may nominate multiple suggestions or may nominate […]