I’m as popular as Jim West, I just know I am!

You think I need more focus? You mean you don't like rambling posts, comics, and iOS tips?

Well, my site may not be as popular as our reigning #1 Biblioblogger, but I think I have figured out why I fare so poorly in the Alexa rankings. It isn’t that I am blogging far less frequently or that people aren’t interested in what I have to say (well, that could be it, but I resolutely refused to accept it; I reject your reality and substitute my own). Rather it is that Alexa ranks my home domain http://targuman.org rather than the blog URL. See, if they would measure my blog’s actual hits rather than the home page (which is very nice looking, by the way, you really should stop by) then I am sure my ranking would be right up there. Easily up to #48. I am sure of it. Absolutely.

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