Off to SBL in ATL

O'Hare - not the airport I will be going through this time. That will be Detroit. Yeah!

Most of those who are going to attend are already there, but I will not depart until early tomorrow (Saturday). This is due to the fact that my academic life is no longer really my own (not that it ever fully was). As an administrator my schedule does not follow the usual academic calendar and often involves a lot of travel and little time for contemplation, aside from hours in planes and sitting in airports.

I miss that. I miss the myth of having time for contemplation. I know that those who teach full time often teach more than the two classes a semester that our more privileged academic colleagues have and even with “only” a 2+2 load there are papers to be graded, students to be advised, programs to plan, and committees to participate on. The conception of the biblical scholar sitting amongst her books in a library is a fiction for all but a few of the rarest and blest. So I will not complain. Not much, anyway. Mostly I am sad to only have a brief time with colleagues this year (anyone care to see Harry Potter 7.1 with me?).

I have already plugged my sessions in earlier posts, but a few comments about internet engagement during SBL10. (Aside from the fact that we may have little connectivity in the actual meeting rooms, has anyone blogged on that yet?)

  • If you are on twitter you can follow me and use #SBL10 if you are posting about sessions.
  • If you are blogging let me know! I can only follow so many, but I will be giving two talks on biblioblogging so if you would like special mention, be sure to leave a comment.
  • I will not be taking my big camera with me this year, but the iPhone 4 camera is surprisingly good. Look for shots on my flickr account.
  • Finally, I will be sharing my notes from SBL on Evernote (as I did with IOSOT/IOTS). You can find the folder via the web here. Obviously they are my notes so cite accordingly and criticize accordingly. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

See you soon!

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