Relics in space

[Still procrastinating…]

I was drawn to this Wired article by the title, Russian Cosmonaut’s Blog Much Funnier Than NASA. But it was the flying cross that caught my attention. Cool, eh?

The blog, as translated by Russia Today, includes pictures from the ISS — and covers a much different array of topics than you usually see in NASA press releases or Twitter feeds. A recent post detailed the “holy symbols” in the Russian area of the station, illustrated by photos of icons and crucifixes floating in zero gravity.

holy-icons“We have four holy icons on the Russia segment. We also have the gospels and a big cross,” wrote Maksim Suraev. “And I have a reliquary cross in my cabin. A priest gave it to me at Baikanur before the launch. Father Job told me a piece of the original cross on which Jesus was crucified is contained in mine.”

You can see another picture of the cross and the cosmonaut’s blog at Russia Today.

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