The Episcopal Church

Q: What are the principal kinds of prayer?

We are preparing some of our youth at St. B’s for confirmation and in so doing are working our way through the Catechism: An Outline of the Faith. As I was preparing last week I noticed the question referenced in the title. The Catechism reads as follows, Q: What are the principal kinds of prayer? A: The principal […]

Entering into Lent

From the St. B’s quarterly bulletin The Branch. Growing up in an evangelical Presbyterian church I had never understood Lent until I was in college. I do not mean to suggest that my parents or the pastors did not know about Lent, but it was not something observed in our church and is largely ignored in […]

What’s in a name? 7

The sermon from this past Sunday, January 1, 2017 – The Holy Name of Jesus. The audio is better than the written copy and at some point I intend to edit the text to match the sermon. In the meantime, feel free to listen to the sermon here.  Holy Name of Jesus (January 1, 2017) First reading […]

Advent 3: Listen and Look – Hear and See

My sermon from this past Sunday, Advent 3 (Yr. A). The audio can be heard on St. B’s site, where you can subscribe to all our sermons. Third Sunday of Advent (December 11, 2016) Gospel Matthew 11:2-11 What are you expecting for Christmas? The season of Advent is a time of expectation. Our lectionary and liturgy […]

News from Nashville

This year, after nearly 20 years as both an faculty member and an academic administrator, I am on my first-ever academic leave and, as readers of the blog know, I am working my book on suffering and grace. But two months ago I was contacted and asked if I would consider spending my time in Nashville […]

It is not just the Episcopal Church

I have been following, as many even outside of the religious world or biblioblogosphere have, the coverage of the Episcopal Church General Convention. I have not and will not comment on it. The whole situation with the ECUSA (sorry, TEC), is simply sad beyond words. I will, however, pass along this article. It is an […]

In Pennsylvania it’s the year of the Bible 3

I guess I have been a little more absorbed in Penn State matters than I realized, because somehow I missed this little tidbit. On January 24 our General Assembly unanimously passed House Resolution 535 declaring this year the “Year of the Bible” in PA. Needless to say, atheists reacted. This evening I received the letter […]

Happy Reformation Day 2

While there are some Episcopal priests who inexplicably insist that the Anglican tradition and the Episcopal Church are not part of the reformed tradition, it is undoubtedly true. So I wish you all a happy Reformation Day. (Ironically, at least as I encounter the colleagues I mentioned in the first sentence, I never knew of […]

“With a wospel in our Gospel” Seuss Eucharist comes to our church

I did not realize until I performed a quick Google search that this “liturgy” had actually been used (and commented upon) already. I arrived at church yesterday morning to find that we had two Eucharistic services scheduled, a traditional in the sanctuary and a “Seuss Eucharist” in the church hall. All summer long our children’s […]

This is the Christmas season 1

We often forget that the past weeks have not been the Christmas season, rather the liturgical season begins with Christmas. I have some friends who follow the tradition of not putting up their Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. My kids would never go for that but we do follow Advent with Christmas and Epiphany. As […]