Q: What are the principal kinds of prayer?

We are preparing some of our youth at St. B’s for confirmation and in so doing are working our way through the Catechism: An Outline of the Faith. As I was preparing last week I noticed the question referenced in the title. The Catechism reads as follows, Q: What are the principal kinds of prayer? A: The principal […]

Is Praying for Academic Success Cheating? « Exploring Our Matrix 1

Jim asks an interesting question. Be sure to go to his blog to comment, but I agree with the fathers, prayer changes us, not God. Jen McCreight posted on her blog about someone who gave thanks for having passed an exam, and expressed gratitude for prayers offered on their behalf. Jen made several comments, among […]

Praying with Twitter

On Twitter and need reminders to pray rather than eavesdrop on @stephenfry? Check out the feeds from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Prayer Feeds on Twitter We have set up the following prayer feeds on Twitter. (occasional news items for prayer) (hourly feed of prayers taken from the below four feeds) […]