Q: What are the principal kinds of prayer?

We are preparing some of our youth at St. B’s for confirmation and in so doing are working our way through the Catechism: An Outline of the Faith. As I was preparing last week I noticed the question referenced in the title. The Catechism reads as follows, Q: What are the principal kinds of prayer? A: The principal […]

Entering into Lent

From the St. B’s quarterly bulletin The Branch. Growing up in an evangelical Presbyterian church I had never understood Lent until I was in college. I do not mean to suggest that my parents or the pastors did not know about Lent, but it was not something observed in our church and is largely ignored in […]

“Why lent is hypocritical”

Or not. The subject is a search that brought someone to Targuman and I hope they read my post Explaining Lent. As with anything else that we do, prayer, communion, charity, the attitude that we take into the endeavor makes all the difference in the world. Who shall ascend to the hill of the LORD? The one […]

Explaining Lent (to the Reformed and otherwise) 6

Our good friend Jim West has offered a couple of comments regarding Lent that he suggests are in jest and are clearly labeled as “mockery” but I think show a much more willful effort to misunderstand and misrepresent the Christian tradition of observing Lent. I should note that I grew up in an evangelical Presbyterian […]

Jesus, “Not my will but…” 3

This post, like the previous one on Paul last week, is part of my larger devotional study Characters of God. This was presented this past Sunday, Palm Sunday. Characters of God is primarily about the flawed nature of biblical figures, how we can relate to and what we can learn from them. In this case, […]

Zealous much? Paul, Character of God 1

I have mentioned before, three years ago, in fact, that I am working on a devotional book called “Characters of God.” This Lent I led our Adult Forum class (sounds vaguely naughty when I write that out) at our church through several of these chapters. This past Sunday was Paul and I don’t believe that […]