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God’s Will in Civil War

My good friend DS shared this quote from Abraham Lincoln regarding God’s will and the Civil War. It seems particularly applicable today, not just in the obvious tensions, but the subtle as well. It also is a very good reminder of the difficulty of discerning “God’s will.” The will of God prevails. In great contests each party claims to act in accordance with the will of God. Both may be, and one must be, wrong. […]

On the movie “Noah” and the film critic you should follow

I first “met” Peter Chattaway on an old school listserv for Daniel Amos, one of my favorite bands. He is a very accomplished film critic from the Great White North and is well worth following to read his take on movies, theology, and culture. (Be sure to check out his tear down of Star Trek: Not the Wrath of Khan, but really, It Is.) He has a number of articles about Noah, apparently a new movie […]

Bearded Gospel Men

  I am not sure how I have missed this site, which has been going for quite some time. BEARDED GOSPEL MEN is, as the “About” states, not to be taken too seriously, however it is very amusing and even educational. (You can learn how to “Grow One!” Just stop shaving is the short answer. Grooming is a different matter.) When I was in high school I read a lot of Spurgeon (weird, I know) so the […]

Vital question: Who Had the Best Civil War Facial Hair?

From the Smithsonian no less we have this burning survey. Go vote now! (BTW my father, an Abraham Lincoln impersonator, will be on the Mall in Washington DC on June 11 for a special Smithsonian Civil War celebration. We will be there so come get your picture with a former president and say Hi to Targuman and fam!) Who Had the Best Civil War Facial Hair? Among the many officers who fought in the U.S. […]

Movember means mo’ facial hair

I was asked by a student if I had any advice for them as they grew out their facial follicles. Of course, “don’t shave.” Movember, if you did not know, is a chance for men to grew out their mustaches (or additional facial hair, if so inclined) to bring attention to men’s health issues, particularly cancers. I have never technically participated since it involves beginning the month clean shaven, something I have not done since […]