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Protest Preachers and Prophets

I wrote this for the class blog, but thought it worth reposting here.  Every spring we take the Presidential Leadership Academy on a trip to some location to consider the leadership challenges facing that community. This year we took a different approach. We are visiting key sites of the Civil Rights Movement including Atlanta, Birmingham, Selma, Greensboro, and Washington, DC. We are only 3 days in and it has been a powerful and moving experience. […]

Leading in loss

This was written for the students in our Presidential Leadership Academy. It is clich√© to say that leadership comes in many forms, but of course it does. It also often comes upon us when we are not expecting or even wanting it. Such has been the case for my wife and I since¬†our son died. We have unexpectedly become models for others in our loss. This is the kind of loss that no one should […]

Personal Motto

From my blog for the Presidential Leadership Academy. Today I was interviewed by a student for her COMM 260W class, “News Writing and Reporting.” At one point she asked me if I had a personal motto. I was surprised that I had never thought about such a concept. I do have some thoughts on how I choose to live my life, the outlook that I take, but I had not tried to pare it down […]

Photos from New Orleans

Yesterday (Thursday) was our first full day in NOLA and we spent most of it on Tulane’s campus. We had a group of excellent presenters including one surprise, a former Tulane honors student! Chris Meyer, Special Advisor to the Superintendent Louisiana Department of Education, spoke to us about the development of charter schools in New Orleans. Not a topic without controversy, but very well presented and it is exciting to see so much energy being […]

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans I miss it both night and day I know that it’s wrong… this feeling’s gettin’ stronger The longer, I stay away Miss them moss covered vines…the tall sugar pines Where mockin’ birds used to sing And I’d like to see that lazy Mississippi…hurryin’ into spring That is a song by Louis Armstrong which was always (likely still) played at Tulane’s graduation. I am pleased to […]