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Protest Preachers and Prophets

I wrote this for the class blog, but thought it worth reposting here.  Every spring we take the Presidential Leadership Academy on a trip to some location to consider the leadership challenges facing that community. This year we took a different approach. We are visiting key sites of the Civil Rights Movement including Atlanta, Birmingham, Selma, Greensboro, and Washington, DC. We are only 3 days in and it has been a powerful and moving experience. […]

100% NCAA graduation rate (71% federal)

Solving NCAA Basketball 1 And Done

Posted in my blog for the Presidential Leadership Academy.  This week Mark Cuban “shocked” (shocked! I say!) the sports world by suggesting that the   NCAA and its players would be better served going to the developmental league than spending one year in college and then going into the draft. I first heard about it on Mike and Mike in the Morning when Jeff Van Gundy mocked Cuban’s idea and said that it isn’t the NBA that should change, but universities, saying […]

This is not satire, it is a satyr.

Satire, what is it good for?

From my occasional blog for the Presidential Leadership Academy There was an exciting announcement that went out via email this past week. A member of the Presidential Leadership Academy, Remy Maisel, and Penn State professor Dr. Sophia McClennen will be co-authoring a book titled, Is Satire Saving Our Nation? Mockery and American Politics. For those who know Remy this should come as little surprise since she regularly writes for the Huffington Post on political topics and loves the Colbert Report, […]

Personal Motto

From my blog for the Presidential Leadership Academy. Today I was interviewed by a student for her COMM 260W class, “News Writing and Reporting.” At one point she asked me if I had a personal motto. I was surprised that I had never thought about such a concept. I do have some thoughts on how I choose to live my life, the outlook that I take, but I had not tried to pare it down […]

Making a Positive and Lasting Difference

Written for our Presidential Leadership Academy blog. Life should be about making a positive difference in the world around you. That is the vision of our college: To educate men and women who will have an important and ethical influence in the world, affecting academic, professional, civic, social, and business outcomes. It is important that we specify “positive” and “ethical” when we talk about someone’s impact on the world. In fact, when I first arrived […]

Washington DC – How it all gets done

I posted this to my blog for our Presidential Leadership Academy.  Sometimes we learn best through sight and song. The debt ceiling debate has brought renewed attention to how bills become laws. This fall we will be headed to DC and will get a tour of the Capital and some amazing speakers who will give us an inside look at how Washington works. Until then, enjoy this relic of my childhood.  

Innovate or die

From my Penn State, Presidential Leadership Academy blog. No President Obama didn’t use those exacts words, but that was the gist of his message. Mr. Obama was on the University Park campus today to highlight his new energy policy and Penn State’s new Energy Innovation Hub, funded with $129M from the federal government, to create more energy efficient buildings. In fact, as I write this NPR is airing its story about his speech and his […]